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Project Donation

Make a credit card donation by clicking the links below. You can also choose other donation methods.

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Food Project

Give A Meal -- Oxfam’s Food Support Project for Low-Income Families 

When a crisis like the coronavirus hits, it’s the poorest who suffer most. Faced with financial pressure, many families cut food costs to save money; but this often translates into poor nutrition, especially for their children. 

Bicycle Donation

Bicycle beats povertr

Will you help girls beat the odds and realise their dreams?

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Bee-lieve in and empower women to fight poverty

Your support can enable women farmers and marginalised smallholder producers to increase productivit..

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what is a Left-behind child?


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Make a Donation 

Oxfam Kids painting ASG

Be an "Oxfam Kid" Donor


donation in macau


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Oxfam Unwrapped goat

OXFAM unwrapped


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